Summerwood awarded Community Wildfire Protection Plan Grant

The Summerwood Board of Directors is embarking on a multi-year project to assess and address defensible space for wildfire mitigation in Summerwood. The first phase of the project will be to conduct a survey of trees in the neighborhood in 2022. The second phase of the project will be to create defensible space in 2023 by following through on the survey recommendations and control for noxious weeds.

Summit County has awarded the Summerwood HOA a Community Wildfire Protection Plan Implementation
Grant to reimburse 90% of the cost to engage a qualified company to survey the Summerwood
neighborhood and make recommendations for thinning, limbing, removing ladder fuels or removing
trees. This summer, trees will be flagged for the various treatments. No trees will be removed, limbed
or thinned this year.

The Board has the authority to make decisions about defensible space on the Commons that abut
footprint lots and HOA structures. The Board does not have the authority to make decisions about
defensible space on standard lots (privately owned lots that have contiguous boundaries with other lots). The Board
invites the Owners of standard lots to participate in the survey. The Board has engaged Beetle Kill Tree Guys to perform the survey. The HOA will cover the cost to survey the Commons. Participating standard lot Owners will be asked to contribute $17/lot to participate in the survey.

In 2023, the Board will work with Beetle Kill Tree Guys to apply for the 50% match grant to create
defensible space. Participating standard lot Owners may work directly with Beetle Kill Tree Guys to join
in BKTG’s county-wide grant application. This multi-year project will be on the Agenda for the Annual Meeting in July. The Board will provide more information and education at that time.

In the meantime, if you own a standard lot and know you want to participate in the survey of defensible
space, please contact Melissa Valentin ( or Kathy Coolidge
( with your name and address, contact information and a statement that you
choose to participate.

Melissa Valentin and Kathy Coolidge
Summerwood Board of Directors

June 15, 2022